The retrospective: review of my goals for 2009

The year is ending and it’s time to have a small retrospective around the goals I wanted to accomplish in 2009.

  1. create a system to organize my projects, tasks and get things done.
    –> Done!, using GTD and the 7 Habits.
  2. digitize all my photos and put them online on Flickr.
    –> Unfortunately when I lost my job in Yahoo, I lost also my Flickr Pro account and I discover (!) that the free account gives you the possibility to upload only 200 pictures and to have only a few sets. That means, I need another system (I decided that I will pay the money to have my own web site instead of upgrading to the Flickr account), so this will be postponed.
    Not Done!
  3. Progress with home works, i.e. realize as many as possible sub-projects from the House Backlog.
    –> Done, from staircase decorating to basement redesign. Having more free time helped a lot!
  4. Find a new job which is suiting my interests and skills.
    –> Done, even if it took longer than expected.
  5. Start a process to improve my professional brand, especially online.
    As sub-projects: bring the blog (this one) to the next level reaching 50 posts, improving the design and writing regularly, ideally reaching the frequency of once per week.
    –> Done, the process started, I have now a list of sub-projects and several are completed or almost. For example, the blog has now more than 50 posts and the last ones are happening every week.
  6. Professional brand: another sub-project is to create a web site to act as the home repository of my resumé etc.
    –> Partially done, the we site is 80% complete (sigh).
  7. prepare a financial plan
    –> Not done! I postponed this until I had the new job and new incomes.
  8. Progress with garden works, i.e. realize as many as possible sub-projects from the Garden Backlog.
    Done! All the south part is completed and all the wooden elements (as fences) are mounted and in place.
  9. Running: run a 5 or 10 km race, train 3-times per week and be able to run without pauses at least 60 minutes.
    –> All done! I did a 10km race in June and can run 90 minutes.
  10. Fitness: decrease my weight from  77 kg to 70 kg and my wrist-line from 96cm to 83cm.
    –> All done! Even too much, my weight is now 67 kg … I need to gain now!
  11. Put all films, which are on tape, in a digital format on the pc.
    –> Not done! Postponed.
  12. Install a media center next to the tv set, in order to see video on demand and listen to my music library.
    –> Not done, postponed to better (financial) times


  1. learn something new: improve my java programming skills.
    –> Done!
  2. improve my german language skills.
    –> Done!
  3. to have the ultimative pc system: desktop, notebook and NAS working together.
    –> Not done, postponed to better (financial) times.
  4. downshifting: have less, do less.
    –>Partially done! At least I started, getting rid of a lot of old stuff and did not buy anything new but I still have a long way to go…

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