It’s all about the books

You can never under-estimate the benefits of reading books.

they are a small investment but – as Tom Peters said – if you just get a good idea from a book, the return will be huge.

So, being in this New Year propositions mood I wanted to set a goal of reading one business book per month. Here is my list / plan of 12 books for the next 12 months. It’s compiled like a backlog with the front burners on top (I already bought the first 4) and back burners on the bottom (they are actually 21 books, so the last 9 I am not yet sure about them); these books or the order can change in the next months according to what I read / discover / my priorities, etc.)

How did I put together this list? I asked people I trust, role models and looked into several pre-compiled list, as the one the company I work for has or that one prepared by PersonalMBA.

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