The path to a new job

As I have previously mentioned I’m going to start a new challenge in a few days.

It was a long process to find a new interesting job.
Here some final thoughts about it.

First of all, my target: I was looking for a project manager job in a product development area where creating software is the main business, possibly in an interesting industry and  not far away from where I live.

The statistics:

I have written and sent in total 92 curriculum vitae (the majority were spontaneous ones, some I got contacted from a company).

I have got invited to an interview 41 times (45%), so not too bad, if you think that companies in 2009 received hundreds of applications for every single position. I believe that my resume is now nicely tweaked to attract attention (I worked months to fine tune it).

Still it was a lot of effort to land a job.  Either the job description was too generic or my resume too generic but it happened many times that we realize was not a good match to my skills or my expectations.

The main issues I found during the interviews were:

– the company was looking for a “business” project manager, not a technical one; it was ininfluent to know about software development, tools and technologies. Important was just to know the project management theory, to have skills like assertiveness and communication, to know the specific industry (media, automotive, etc.)

– the company was looking for a part time developer/architect/project manager, someone with very deep technology understanding of the specific domain (as J2EE or SAP) and a hands-on mentality.

– the company was looking for someone with a project management certification (PMI or Prince2, agile certifications as a Scrum Master were not considered).

The times for generalist but technical project managers seem very hard …

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