[Link] Scrum one of the worst tech of the zero years?

From O’Reilly’s Best and Worst of Tech 2000-2009.

Nice read, I totally agree with the best of tech, but the worst are more controversial, among others:  SOAP (thumbs up), ubiquitous work (uhmmm… not sure …) and Scrum! (ok, I may agree on some of the points below but from here to say it’s one of the worst tech …)

The Cult of Scrum
If Agile is the teachings of Jesus, Scrum is every abuse ever perpetrated in his name. In many ways, Scrum as practiced in most companies today is the antithesis of Agile, a heavy, dogmatic methodology that blindly follows a checklist of “best practices” that some consultant convinced the management to follow.

Endless retrospectives and sprint planning sessions don’t mean squat if the stakeholders never attend them, and too many allegedly Agile projects end up looking a lot like Waterfall projects in the end. If companies won’t really buy into the idea that you can’t control all three variables at once, calling your process Agile won’t do anything but drive your engineers nuts.

Two tips about writing technical books

  1. From the book Coders At Work by Peter Seibel , in the interview with  Paul Hudak (coinventor of Haskell) it’s mentioned that he wanted to write a book related to science or art and a functional language so the coding examples would be not the usual ones and more practical.
    It’s a great idea, I was myself thinking about writing on economic exercise using one of the new language I wish to learn.
  2. (via mrmeyer). Explain complex things using crisis:

    There are two chapters in the Head First Programming book, in which the reader learns searching, strings, and branching. Watch how they do this:

    • First, you learn how to pull down the text of a webpage for your “employer,” the CEO of Starbuzz.
    • But then your employer gets sick of looking at raw HTML and you have to search strings to find the price information he’s looking for.
    • But then he needs an emergency option so he can place an order if the price drops below a certain point.
    • But then he needs a notification system, so your program will Tweet him that information immediately.

    And so on. It’s extremely satisfying.