Which MacBook Air?

I was waiting since a lot of time for a new Macbook Air with Sandy Bridge architecture and finally it’s here. I have one since a couple of days.
It’s really the best notebook I have ever had and I’m also happy for the configuration I chose.
Here are a couple of considerations, just related to the configuration, maybe it can help other people to decide.

11-inch or 13-inch Model?

I got the 11-inch (28 cm) model, instead of the 13-inch (33 cm).
It has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels (instead of the 1440 x 900 of the 13-inch model).

My choice: 11-inch.
My thinking was: I want great portability, the 11-inch is so small, thin and light that I can bring it everywhere, plus it has a good resolution, the same keyboard and trackpad of the 13-inch. And it’s cheaper!

When I need more screen estate I can connect it to an external monitor.

If you really need as much screen as possible anytime, go for a MacBook Pro 17″ or another big laptop.

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