About this Blog

Welcome to my personal blog, where I write about what I learned on my job (around software, technology and project management) and about interesting books or articles I have read (mostly around history and economics).
I have also written a book (about Agile management).

In my very first post you can read about why I created it.

I think of the articles as little essays, which also implies that I go back and edit them to correct mistakes or improve the phrasing.

I work and live in Europe, close to the beautiful Alps now in Asia, in the lively Shanghai to be precise.

One thought on “About this Blog

  1. Michael

    Hi Mashimo, I am curious if there is any program or project that is available to do Topic modelling analysis (i.e. propose topics/themes) on text or better yet analyzes webpages. This would help development of content strategy and to propose a basic Information Architecture. Is there something that is available to use freely?
    Thank you

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