Bertrand Russell’s Inductivist Turkey

A turkey, in an american nurture, decide to shape its vision of the world scientifically well founded (a wissenschaftliche Weltauffassung, according to the Logical Positivism by the  Wiener Kreis).

Bertrand Russell portrait
Bertrand Russell – from Wikipedia

The turkey found that, on his first morning at the turkey farm, he was fed at 9 a.m. Being a good inductivist turkey he did not jump to conclusions. He waited until he collected a large number of observations that he was fed at 9 a.m. and made these observations under a wide range of circumstances, on Wednesdays, on Thursdays, on cold days, on warm days. Each day he added another observation statement to his list. Finally he was satisfied that he had collected a number of observation statements to inductively infer that “I am always fed at 9 a.m.”.

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Japan 2011

I just came back from a holiday in Japan during which the earthquake and successive tsunami happened.

in Ishinomaki, after the earthquake

Everything was ok for me (I was in Tokyo and then I moved to the South) but the devastation was so vast and complete that was difficult to comprehend initially. In some areas everything is gone. It was also unusually cold and snowing.

Seeing the people after the tragedy really made me respect Japanese people, even the day of the earthquake when the Tokyo public traffic system halted, they were so calm and so stoic.

At the end I’m really happy that I decided to stay and continue my trip; Everybody seemed really grateful that for us just being in Tokyo at a time when all of the foreign business people fled and France sent airplanes to fly their citizens home. Remaining there,  drinking the water and eating the fish along with all the citizens that had no choice but to endure was good-feeling. Even the staff at the hotel and restaurants in Kyoto kept asking us about what happened in Tokyo, they just wanted to talk.

And I’m definitely thankful we had an iPod and a netbook to keep in contact with Europe. Thanks Facebook!

I hope to go back to Japan soon.