Estimating the tasks

Why estimate?

  • you need it to be able to forecast costs for the product (either internal production or for an external customer).
  • You need it to be able to plan the releases and the roadmap.
  • You need it for the current iteration, not to overload the team and as a key to make commitments.
  • To prioritize the features and tasks.

How to estimate, which methodology to use is very complex: it depends a lot on the experience and attitude of the team members.

There are two sides involved in the estimation process. Continue reading “Estimating the tasks”

[Link] The Hollywood work model

What Hollywood Can Teach Us About the Future of Work. Illustration by Andrew Rae – NY Times Magazine

A project is identified; a team is assembled; it works together for precisely as long as is needed to complete the task; then the team disbands.
This short-­term, project-­based business structure is an alternative to the corporate model, in which capital is spent up front to build a business, which then hires workers for long-­term, open-­ended jobs that can last for years, even a lifetime.
It’s also distinct from the Uber-­style “gig economy,” which is designed to take care of extremely short-­term tasks, manageable by one person.
With the Hollywood model, ad hoc teams carry out projects that are large and complex, requiring many different people with complementary skills. The Hollywood model is now used to build bridges, design apps or start restaurants.
Our economy is in the midst of a grand shift toward the Hollywood model.

Read the rest – what is good and what is less good in the Hollywood model – in this New York Times Magazine article.