[Link] Top 10 things that JavaScript got wrong

Jeffrey Way, a JavaScript developer,  compiled a list of the Top 10 Things that JavaScript Got Wrong, just for fun.
The list is quite enjoyable and a couple of points are so true.

Here’s Way’s list:

  1. The Name. JavaScript is NOT Java
  2. Null is an Object?
  3. NaN !== NaN
  4. Global Variables
  5. User-Agent Strings Report Mozilla. Ever Wonder Why?
  6. Scope Inconsistencies
  7. The Use of Bitwise Operators
  8. Too Many Falsy/Bottom Values
  9. It Can’t Do Arithmetic (he notes that he’s 99% teasing with this one)
  10. Code Styling Isn’t your Choice!

The #4, Javascript (actually now called ECMAscript) almost requiring global variables, is the one that strikes with me most.
Followed by #10: JavaScript adding semicolon when it thinks it’s necessary!