the Apple iPad

Apple iPad, from Wikipedia

So, finally it’s there, the Apple tablet.

There are already thousands of posts about it in the web,  so I will not write about its specifications;
Some finds it good some bad, here are my two cents.

1. Sometimes innovations are not so immediately visible.
Look at this article in Slashdot when the iPod first appeared in 2001.
Comments vary from “No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.” to “Apple is a normal company. Why does the public constantly expect them do the impossible?”, “Needs iTunes, needs Firewire, costs $400. I don’t see many sales in the future of iPod.”, “I am very sad that Apple seems to be repeating the same mistake they made with the Cube – great, nifty product that anyone would love to own, except that it’s burdened by an unbelievably poor price/performance ratio.”  So much for the early analysis.

2. Interfaces which mix touchscreen, voice recognition and gestures are the future. Keyboards are so “last century”.
This is an advantage for the iPad against most netbooks, notebooks.

3. Right now is just a big iPod touch. It would be perfect to “consume content” (read books, watch videos, surf the web) but not to “create/mash content” (no multi tasking, iPhone OS, limited connectors). So I believe the target will be people who just want a small, fast tool to do casual web surfing, chatting, reading. People who don’t need to write blogs or long documents. People who thought on buying an iPod Touch.
A combination of iPhone (outside) and iPad (on the sofa) could be great.
It could take away netbook buyers if they wanted just a cheap portable computer to surf and definitely will take away buyers from the existing e-book readers.
But for people who need to do more and need a laptop / netbook, or they don’t want yet another gadget, they have to wait, at least until there will be multitasking.

4. What I really don’t like is that it’s a such closed system.
iTunes, the AppStore, the OS and now iBooks and Apple adapters to connect a USB device!

Anyway, let’s give it six months, and see which applications and which media partnerships will be added. It could be that Steve Jobs is creating – again – a new segment.

And remember the infamous Slashdot post!

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