Getting Things Done – Review

This is the fourth article in a series providing a summary “book club” reading of Mr. David Allen’s  “Getting Things Done”. I’m reading from the 2001  Penguin Books edition.

This is a very important phase of the entire process. It´s one thing to write down all the actions, for example that you need milk. But it’s useless if you don’t look at the list when you are in the milk shop…

The first review is very simple and just requires to check your calendar and your next Action list (maybe just the actions you tagged @phone if you want to make some call or @computer if you want to start some work there) and it happens whenever as often  as you need, so a good habit is to check them daily. [article]

A critical review is the weekly one: all your open loops, i.e. the projects should be checked once per week. Then you would gather and process all the new stuff, review your system, update the lists and get ready for the next week.

Allen uses an altitude analogy to illustrate his model to review your own work with 6 different levels of focus,which are:

  • at 15K meters: Life mission (the big vision).
  • at 12K meters: 3 to 5 years vision
  • at 9K meters: 1 to 2 years goals
  • at 6K meters: Areas of responsibility (such as job commitments or health, finance, home, etc.)
  • at 3K meters: Current projects
  • at the ground: Current actions

These perspectives should give you which are the priorities which then tells you on which projects and actions you should concentrate your efforts.

Next: the projects planning

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