Does the language that you speak influence what you think?

I have always been fascinated how words takes sometimes the feminine and sometimes the masculine in languages with gendered nouns. For example “the ball” is la pelota (female) in Spanish and le ballon (male) in French.
Do these languages lead speakers to feel differently about women versus men, compared with languages that don’t — such as Chinese? Some recent studies show that indeed gender languages shape prejudices.

German’s notoriously complicated syntax includes male, female and neutral grammatical genders. The neutral has usually not applied for people. That’s changing as officials try to use gender-neutral terms for e.g. a voter.
Is that maybe the future better way?

Here – just for fun – a list of terms with their antonyms for some of the gender-languages (well, just the ones I know).

Sun / Moon

What is there in thee, Moon! That thou should’st move My heart so potently?
– John Keats

ItalianM (il sole)F (la luna)
SpanishM (el sol)F (la luna)
FrenchM (le soleil)F (la lune)
GermanF (die Sonne)M (der Mond)
German, why ?!

Dark / Light

ItalianM (il buio)F (la luce)
SpanishF (la oscuridad)F (la luz)
FrenchM (le noir)F (la lumière)
GermanF (die Dunkelheit)N (das Licht)

Word / Fact

ItalianF (la parola)M (il fatto)
SpanishF (la palabra)M (el echo)
FrenchM (le mot)M (le fait)
GermanN (das Wort)F (die Tatsache)

Noise / Music

ItalianM (il rumore)F (la musica)
SpanishM (el ruido)F (la música)
FrenchM (le bruit)F (la musique)
GermanM (der Lärm)F (die Musik)
Everyone agrees …

Dilemma / Solution

ItalianM (il dilemma)F (la soluzione)
SpanishM (el dilema)F (la solución)
FrenchM (le dilemme)F (la solution)
GermanN (das Dilemma)F (die Lösung)

Ground / Sky

ItalianM (il cielo)F (la terra)
SpanishM (el cielo)F (la tierra)
FrenchM (le ciel)F (la terre)
GermanM (der Himmel)F (die Erde)
Pretty clear …

Cleanness / Dirtiness

ItalianM (lo sporco)F (la pulizia)
SpanishF (la suciedad)F (la limpieza)
FrenchF (La saleté)M (le nettoyage)
GermanM (Der Dreck)F (die Reinigung)
Confusing …

Desire / Dislike

ItalianM (il desiderio)F (la ripugnanza)
SpanishM (el deseo)F (la repugnancia)
FrenchM (le désir)F (la répugnance)
GermanN (das Verlangen)F (die Abstoßung)

Prey / Predator

ItalianM (il predatore)F (la preda)
SpanishM (el depredador)F (la presa)
FrenchM (le prédateur)F (la proie)
GermanM (der Räuber)F (die Beute)

Dream / Reality

ItalianM (il sogno)F (la realtà)
SpanishM (el sueño)F (la luna)
FrenchM (le rêve)F (la réalité)
GermanM (der Traum)F (Wirklichkeit)

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