Modern agile?

InfoQ recently posted an article about something called “Modern Agile” by Joshua Kerievsky which sparked my curiosity. It seems that there is also a website but did not find other references beside the author’s articles or keynote.

What is modern agile?

Modern Agile is ultra-light, the opposite of mainstream Agile, which is drowning in a bloated tangle of enterprise tools, scaling frameworks and questionable certificates that yield more bureaucracy than results.

Well, after reading it, seems to me that is nothing more than the principles already outlined in the original Agile Manifesto.
Not sure what Modern stays for …

Modern Agile has no roles, responsibilities or anointed practices. Instead, it is defined by four guiding principles

  1. Make People Awesome
  2. Deliver Value Continuously
  3. Make Safety a Prerequisite
  4. Experiment and Learn Rapidly

It goes then on to describe how these four guiding principles match one-to-one with the four Agile values from the manifesto … well, then why do we need them?

I fully agree that some interpretations (is this what is intended with “mainstream”?) of Agile (or better, Scrum …) are becoming over-engineered with all these frameworks but in its original concept was already a light process with only four values.

No need of new interpretations.
Let’s just go back to the roots of Agile mindset.

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