Google Drive Site Publishing

Last November Google announced the possibility to use the Google Drive to publish static we pages. It supports HTML and CSS codes.

What’s the difference with Google Sites, the service that gives you the possibility to create your own micro-site?

It seems that Sites is more user-friendly with a GUI-based way to edit the HTML pages, with ready-made widgets to help create common page elements, as maps.
While GDrive lets you write directly your HTML and for already existing pages it could be the better way (just upload them to GDrive).


1. Create a folder in GDrive where you will keep all your web pages. The folder must be public, so you have to right click on the new folder and select “Share” and change the permissions from Private to “Public on the web”.

2. Now you can upload all your pages (HTML, CSS files, images and so on). This is a bit tricky: if you create them directly on GDrive they will not appear because they need to be the correct type. The easiest way is to create them offline, as plain text, with correct extension (e.g. HTML), then uploading them. Note that if you attempt later to edit the files as Google documents, they will be changed from .html files to .html.gdoc files and will no longer appear. You could use the GDrive local app on your computer or use a GDrive editor like Neutron Drive.

3. Now, to access the page you need to find out the GDrive Folder ID. When you open the folder, look at the URL. It is something like:<long list of chars and numbers>/

The last unfriendly part after the “#folders/” one is the Folder ID. You can copy that part and add it at the end of this string:<add here the Folder ID>/

For example, mine is visible at: 

4 (extra): I know, the folder ID is not that mnemonic. You could use a shortener service to beautify it, as

My (better) URL for the test page would be then


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