Goals 2010

Again, after the 2009 experiment, I wrote down my goals, this time for 2010.

They are not all new, some are not-achieved goals from the last year but I think it’s okay. they are more like a backlog of goals, let’s see how many I can complete. In 2009 they were 12 goals (one for every month) plus 4 bonuses and my velocity was 9 goals (well, almost ten) so this year they will be just 10 goals (plus 4 bonuses).

Not in a particular order:

  1. Continue fitness and running routine (despite having less time).
    1. Complete a half marathon
    2. Run a 10km race in less than 50 minutes
  2. Learn new things related to my new job.
  3. Learn new technologies, as html5, java, android.
  4. Learn more about business: statistics, analysis, communication skills
  5. Improve my german language: reach the c1 level.
  6. Have a sound financial plan.
  7. Write every day, publish at least one post every week.
  8. Complete the web site started last year and spread its URL in several social sites as LinkedIn.
  9. Progress with home works
  10. progress with garden works


  1. digitize all my photos and put them online (on a specific web site)
  2. Put all films, which are on tape, in a digital format on the pc
  3. downshifting: have less, do less
  4. move towards the perfect multimedial system

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