Two tips about writing technical books

  1. From the book Coders At Work by Peter Seibel , in the interview with  Paul Hudak (coinventor of Haskell) it’s mentioned that he wanted to write a book related to science or art and a functional language so the coding examples would be not the usual ones and more practical.
    It’s a great idea, I was myself thinking about writing on economic exercise using one of the new language I wish to learn.
  2. (via mrmeyer). Explain complex things using crisis:

    There are two chapters in the Head First Programming book, in which the reader learns searching, strings, and branching. Watch how they do this:

    • First, you learn how to pull down the text of a webpage for your “employer,” the CEO of Starbuzz.
    • But then your employer gets sick of looking at raw HTML and you have to search strings to find the price information he’s looking for.
    • But then he needs an emergency option so he can place an order if the price drops below a certain point.
    • But then he needs a notification system, so your program will Tweet him that information immediately.

    And so on. It’s extremely satisfying.

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