My new job

I signed the contract for my new job and will start beginning of January.

I’m very happy, it is an interesting challenge where I will learn a lot of new things and a nice change after the Yahoo experience.

I will join an automotive company which develops a platform for car dealer management, basically an advanced and vertical ERP system. The company has a product since almost 10 years on the market and successfully sold all over the world.

My job there will be as the project manager responsible to develop the next generation platform, ready for the next 10 years.

It will be the opportunity for me to learn about new areas as the automotive industry, the ERP, CRM and BI applications, and many new technical systems, tools and resources.

Also – very interesting – the product should be developed using an agile approach, without a big up-front design phases and actively listening from a partner network (the customers) and incorporating their feedbacks into the development process.

As said recently by Microsoft Dynamics consultant Vjekoslav Babic, not an easy task:

We say that with ERP we don’t start from scratch. We must know all the requirements up front because anything we do impacts tens or hundreds of functions. If we just add things incrementally, we might need a lot of rework. So we need a “big picture” up front, we need to design everything in such a way that this huge ERP structure doesn’t collapse.

But no matter what we do, the requirements will change. ERP implementations take 20 months to complete (on average). Do you think your business is going to be exactly the same in 20 months as it is today?

Where are we with ERP? Still rowing up the waterfall. With today’s turbulent economy, it’s more like rowing up the Niagara Falls. Today, you can’t tell for sure what you are going to do or need in 2 months, let alone 20. Plus, with liquidity issues everywhere, you must make sure that your investment is sound, and that it delivers the expected return; you can’t gamble with 20% chance of achieving 50% of expected benefits.

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