First impressions of google wave

After few weeks of testing, here are my first impressions.

Google Wave is definitely something new and innovative.
I don’t think will replace the email or the chat, I see it more as a collaboration tool than a communication one, so I believe at the end will remain a (big) niche product for techies, perfect for some environments: trainings, schools, brainstorming, wikis, project collaboration maybe discussions, forums. Not a twitter-killer.

It could be a great tool for companies which can set a private google wave server and use it internally, for example.

I was favourably impressed by the user interface, if you consider it’s still a beta release. Not bad as first shot, new but also familiar. Maybe over complex for non techies, needs some tuning.

The biggest problem right now is that it’s still a closed preview. I sent out invitation to my friends but the process seems to take forever so i could use only the public waves. Therefore I could not really test the product till now.  I’ll come back to this point as soon as my invitations will be rolled out.

There are still many bugs and problems, not yet ready for the masses. Also, many important features are missing.

It’s slow. Too slow to chat. That’s a big problem.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed but, hey, it’s a beta so I’ll give it another chance with the next releases. let’s see.

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