Live the moment instead of planning?

An interesting but strange post from the normally always insightful Leo Babauta, titled How to Give Yourself to Whatever the Moment Brings, and Forget Stress.

It starts very intriguing:

The prevailing way of living in our Western societies is to plan out our lives, both for the long term and on a day-to-day basis.
We have planners and digital calendars that map out our lives, sometimes to the minute. We feel we’re in control, with plans like this.
But it’s an illusion, as I’ve said before.
We cannot control our lives to this degree, no matter how we try.

Almost an Agile point of view!

Then goes a bit odd:

And what happens when the plans go wrong? We are stressed out, because things get out of our control and don’t live up to our expectations.

Well, are we really so sensitive about the plans? Shouldn’t we think that a plan is an artifact, a way to model our road towards a goal, with risks and failures possible? What happened to the old mantra “you can only learn from your mistakes and failures”?

So if plans will almost always go wrong, and when they do we get stressed out, isn’t all the time we spend creating the plans a bit of a waste?
But what’s the alternative? Giving yourself to the moment.

[Emphasis is mine]
And what about improving the plan?

Finally are coming the practical tips how to live up to the moment. While the Dos are perfectly fine and makes sense, the Don’ts are things as:

Don’t plan –> I personally don’t think is the solution
Don’t worry about the future –> this looks a good idea, or at least don’t worry too much.
Don’t have expectations –> very buddhist but I’m a bit skeptical.
Don’t get annoyed when others act a certain way and don’t overreact –> Makes perfect sense.
Don’t try to be proactive –> I don’t agree with this one. Just because then you have to worry about what happens and if nothing happens you wasted time? What about if you can overcome a big certain problem just preventing it to happen instead of waiting and fix it later?

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