The Google Chrome OS

Google announced on its blog that they are going to launch an Operative System tailored to the web paradigm.

This quickly spread in all the tech blogs, of course, but as well in mainstream newspapaers and I have even heard it on the radio.

Quite some resonance for Google, just after the first Microsoft successes  with its new search engine Bing and before the next big announcement from Microsoft (probably Office in the cloud). Not a coincidence, probably.

Anyway, until now it seems a lot of vaporware:  it will take one year before we see the first computer (netbooks) with it, very little is known and many questions are still open; for example:

  • what happen when there is no internet connections? Dual Boot? Is this only for a future where everyone is always online?
  • what about the privacy?
  • Why a new OS independent from Android?

I find the hardware drivers issue and also the question whether can run photoshop less critical. The first and maybe the only target is the netbook, which are definitely more like a second computer at home, just to surf and do few things on the cloud. If I want to use photoshop I will use my main computer, maybe a desktop PC or a notebook.
Moreover, the focus is clearly on the web and Google wishing that users spend more and more time on internet.

My 2 cents: it could be a good idea, but let’s see how will be the implementation and the involvement of the linux and open source communities. Don’t think Microsoft or Apple are scared though. In any case, it means innovation in the OS arena and that’s always good.

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