Test: the Birkman First Look – Planner

And yet another personality test … previous ones: strength test and the Myers-Briggs.

This is a report generated by Birkman International, centered around a so-called Lifestyle grid, where Interests, style, needs and reactions are placed in four quadrants according to the personal style.

It came out I’m a “Planner” with interests and strengths split between creative and administrative fields, a seldom combination, seems…

My Life Style grid:

Direct involvement
outgoing/forceful style,
outgoing approach
become too forceful

objective/detached style,
detached approach,

become detached



Subjective style,
subjective approach,
become subjective


O []

* <>

Indirect involvement,
lower key style,
lower key approach by others,
become withdrawn

* My interests:

You enjoy creative activities. Typical blue activities are:

  • Planning – I like to plan how to do things
  • dealing with abstraction – I like to consider the future
  • thinking of new approaches – I like to create new approaches
  • innovating – I like to innovate or create
  • working with ideas – I like to look at things theoretically

<> My usual style:

When you are working effectively, you tend to be reflective and creative. Typical blue styles are:

  • insightful
  • selectively sociable
  • thoughtful
  • reflective
  • optimistic

O My Needs:

To be most effective, you respond best to people who are insightful and persuasive (in blue quadrant but fairly close to the green one). Typically need for others to:

  • offer individual support
  • encourage expression of feelings – people around me are interested in feelings as well as logic
  • allow time for reflection
  • give time for difficult/complex decisions

I respond well to people who:

  • let you know who’s in charge
  • are openly enthusiastic
  • give me personalized incentives

[] My stress behavior:

When people don’t deal with you the way you expect, you may become easily distracted and hesitant (in blue quadrant but fairly close to the green one). Under stress:

  • ignore social convention – being antisocial and easily discouraged
  • become indecisive
  • find it hard to act
  • see the worst possibilities
  • overly sensitive to criticism – self-protective
  • disorganized
  • evasive

Areas of interests:

  1. Blue (creative)
  2. Yellow (administrative)
  3. Red (scientific, mechanic)
  4. Green (persuasive, social service)

Job strengths:

  1. Yellow (administrating)
  2. Blue (planning)
  3. Green (communicating)
  4. Red (expediting)

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