Test: the ISAT

ISAT stays for Interaction Style Assessment Test, a test developed by workplace consultant JT O’Donnell tells you whether you are an empathizer, energizer, contemplator or commander.

Based on the results, I’m a contemplator.

Quote: Organized and prepared, CONTEMPLATORS have an attention for detail and thorough nature that make them invaluable to every team. Blessed with the rare quality of patience, they minimize mistakes and maximize accuracy. Take a look at the following grid to learn more about your professional strengths as they compare to the other three Interaction Styles:

isat style definitions
isat style definitions

A contemplator feels more confortable with:

  • Coworkers: Respectful, pleasant, focused, fastidious, independent.
  • Management style: Logical, articulate, honest, tactful, but decisive to offset your conservatism and avoidance.
  • Corporate Culture: Profits with ethics.
  • Careers: Accounting, quality assurance and service evaluations need your attention to detail. Computers, financial operations, engineering, processes and systems are great fits for your style.
isat style misinterpretations
isat style misinterpretations

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