Book Review: Now, discover your strenghts

This is a “book club” reading of Markus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton’s book “Now, discover your strenghts”. Martin Seligman, author of Learned Optimism, describes this book: “The keystone of high achievement and happiness is exercising your strenghts. This superb book gives you a poweful and accurate way to find out what they are”.
I’m reading from the 2005 PocketBooks paperback edition.

The core of this self-development book is simple: instead of finding out which are your weakness and try to fix them (or patch them more often), you should try to identify your strong points, your pattern and develope them.

The book comes together with a web-based test, providing your profile, i.e. your five biggest strenghts, among a total of identified 34, coming from thousands of interviews the authors did to all kind of people.

First, a definition:

Talents are your natural patterns of thought, feeling, behaviour and what is actually measured by the test.

Knowledge are facts and lessons you learned.

Skills are the steps of an activity (coming from practice).

These three combine to create your strenghts. The most important are the talents because they are innate and cannot be acquired through learning and practice. If you learn a skill (e.g. playing the guitar) it will help you get a little better but it will not cover for a lack of talent. Skills will prove most valuable when combined with genuine talent.

The scope is to make you aware which are your theme, so you can concentrate on them, polish them, combine them  and build skills around them.

An inspiring book that helps you to look inside your strenghts and focus your development on them.

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