My goals for 2009

This year I decided to write down my yearly goals so that they will be more precise and measurable and I could track them.

Ideally I plan to achieve a goal on every month, so here they are, summarized and in order:

  1. create a system to organize my projects, tasks and get things done.
  2. digitize all my photos and put them online on Flickr.
  3. progress with home works, i.e. realize as many as possible sub-projects from the House Backlog.
  4. find a new job which is suiting my interests and skills.
  5. start a process to improve my professional brand, especially online. As a sub-project: bring the blog (this one) to the next level reaching 50 posts, improving the design and writing regularly, ideally reaching the frequency of once per week.
  6. Professional brand: create a web site to act as the home repository of my resume etc.
  7. prepare a financial plan
  8. progress with garden works, i.e. realize as many as possible sub-projects from the Garden Backlog.
  9. running: run a 10 km race, train 3-times per week and be able to run without consecutively at least 60 minutes.
  10. fitness: decrease my weight from  77 kg to 70 kg and my wrist-line from 96cm to 83cm.
  11. put all films, which are on tape, in a digital format on the pc.
  12. install a media center next to the tv set, in order to see video on demand and listen to my music library.


  1. learn something new: improve my java programming skills, especially about JEE.
  2. improve my german language skills.
  3. to have the ultimate pc system: desktop, notebook and NAS working together.
  4. downshifting: have less, do less.

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