The first Software Engineering conference, 40 years ago

Between 7th and 11th October 1968 in Garmisch (near Munich, Germany) a conference about Software Engineering was held, sponsored by the NATO Science committee.

At that time software was just becoming as important as hardware was and independent from it. It was also moving away from research and university projects into industrial ones, much bigger and complex, therefore raising the problem of software crisis or gap and how to solve it.

It was the first of this kind and introduced many cardinal concepts for the subject, as design criteria, user requirements and realistic goals, continuous feedback through monitoring, need of high-level programming languages, software planning and management, communication in a project, frequency of releases, acceptance testing, splitting software and hardware production, mass-produced software.

Even the term “software engineering” was not general use until then!

The conference reports are available on Internet, for example at Prof. Brian Randell’s page and at the Jena University [PDF].

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