PMI 7 – The Processes

This is the sevent post in a series where I will write down what I learned about project management.

In order for a project to be successfull, the project team must select the appropriate process and apply it, with the appropriate degree of rigor (normally tailoring one of the existing process frameworks to the specific project needs). The application of the processes to a project is iterative and many processes are repeated and revised during the project.

What’s a process? A process is a set of interrelated activities performed to achieve a specified set of results in a project.

Why a project needs a process? Beside trivial projects (e.g. the homemade software to organize your recepts), every project needs a structure to integrate it into the organization, based on what are the best practices, otherwise you are depending on the external events and conditions and you are every time re-inventing the warm water.

A draft cycle for the interaction among project and process is:  Initiate. Iterate: Plan the processes – Execute the processes – Monitor and control the process (change what’s necessary). Close.
Initiate: the scope is to define the project and the process.
Plan: scope is to define and refine the objectives and plan the course of action required to attain the objectives.
Execute: the scope is to integrate people and resources to carry out the plan.
Monitor and control: check and act. The scope is to regularly measure the progress to identify variances from the plan so that corrective actions can be taken when necessary.
Close: the scope is to formally accept the results of the project.

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