Book Review: Getting Things Done – 2nd and 3rd parts

This is the sixth article in a series providing a summary “book club” reading of Mr. David Allen’s  “Getting Things Done”. I’m reading from the 2001  Penguin Books edition.

The second phase of the book is about implementation and setting the method up: tools, time, space.
Basically stating that you need to set some time in advance to start and regularly to review, you need a proper space and a couple of tools (trays, paper, pen, labeler, calendar and so on).
This part goes quite into details and they can be read in the book.

The third and last phase is summarizing the key principles and explain a bit more why they are so powerful: the collection habit, the next action and the outcome focus.

All in all, I can only recommend the book: it’s full of practical hints and ideas and can bring some structure to your productivity effort.
More on how I implemented the GTD method in a future post.

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