PMI 6 – Projects in an organization

This is the fifth post in a series where I will write down what I learned about project management.

From a project point of view, organizations can be divided in three categories:

  1. Functional
    project coordination is split among the functional managers who also control the budget;
    the project manager role doesn’t exist or has little authority;
    project team members are taken from the different functional groups.
  2. Projectized
    most of organization resources are involved in project work;
    the project manager have a great deal of authority and controls the budget;
    project team members are collocated.
  3. Matrix
    These organizations are a mix of functional (weak matrix) and projectized (strong matrix) characteristics

A PMO  can exist in any of the above structures and can have just an advisory influence or a formal project authority (in this case all project managers belong to the PMO).

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